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Ezekiel Mutua Shows Off First Earning From TikTok As He Aims At Sanitizing The Platform

MCSK boss Ezekiel Mutua made his first withdrawal from his TikTok account.

Mutua withdrew Kshs1,374 on Tuesday night through his Paypal account.

Mutua was not however excited about the earning, but the fact that there was hope in his intention of sanitizing TikTok, encouraging users that clean content can also pay

“At exactly 10:20pm today I made my first withdrawal from tiktok through my PayPal account. The journey towards sanitising tiktok through clean content has begun in earnest. I hope to serve as an example that content doesn’t have to be dirty to sell. One day I will post a million here through clean and useful content on tiktok!” the moral cop said.

A section of his followers were happy about the initiative, some saying they would join the platform once it has been cleaned.

“That’s why have never joined tiktok,to my surprise Christians dine there more than the non-believers with very little impact When its cleaned I will join. Thank you,” the netizen wrote.

Mutua recently said that he will mentor controversial preacher Victor Kanyari, whose social media content, especially on TikTok, has been wanting.

Kanyari found himself on Mutua’s radar after a female TikToker presented him with contraceptives and arimis at the altar of his church.

The action attracted criticism, with many slamming the preacher for entertaining such unspeakable behaviour in the house of God.

Kanyari has since apologized multiple times over the incident.

‚ÄúMungu ninalia kwa ajili yako, nataka nivae gunia, Cindy avae gunia yake na Peter Kioi avae gunia, tutoke mguu kanisani paka town tukiomba msamaha Mungu utusamehe. Hio condom si mimi‚Ķ.,‚ÄĚ the preacher said, insisting that he doesn‚Äôt know the woman, and was not aware of her shocking plan.

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