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“I Gave Up, I Wanted To Hang Myself” Ringtone Recalls The Most Trying Moment In His Life

Singer Alex Apoko, popularly known as Ringtone, recently opened up about a challenging period in his career that led to a hiatus from releasing music, shedding light on personal struggles and the toll it took on his mental health.

In a candid revelation, the singer disclosed that he faced significant hurdles that prompted him to step away from the music scene. “I was going through life’s challenges,” he shared, hinting at the difficulties he encountered.

Ringtone revealed that his troubles escalated when he received correspondence from government institutions, resulting in the closure of his accounts. “I was sent a letter by some government institution, they locked my account, I got into trouble, I was unhappy,” he recounted, highlighting the financial and emotional strain he experienced.

“I’m used to my pride, when I know I’m safe in my pocket, I usually walk with one lakh, that’s my daily budget,” he revealed, underscoring the abrupt change in his circumstances.

The singer further disclosed the impact of jealousy and property disputes, which exacerbated his distress. “There came a time when I almost took my life. I became very emotional, I gave up, I wanted to hang myself,” he confessed, shedding light on the depth of his despair.

Despite grappling with these challenges, Ringtone has returned to the music industry with a new song titled ‘Lawyer’, signaling a resurgence in his career.

Reflecting on his journey, Ringtone acknowledged the evolving dynamics of fame and fortune, recounting how his financial success altered perceptions of him. “Before money and fame, not many women wanted me,” he admitted. However, with newfound wealth, he observed a shift in attention from others seeking financial gain.

Regrettably, Ringtone admitted overlooking genuine connections in the past, lamenting missed opportunities for companionship amidst his loneliness.

Through his candid revelations, Ringtone offers insight into the pressures faced by public figures and the toll it can take on mental well-being, underscoring the importance of resilience and seeking support during challenging times.

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