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Akothee Opens Up About Tumultuous End Of Her Marriage To The Father Of Her Youngest Son

Renowned Kenyan musician and entrepreneur Esther Akoth, famously known as Akothee, recently opened up about the tumultuous end of her marriage to the father of her youngest child, shedding light on the challenges she faced and the difficult decision to break free.

Nearly a decade ago, Akothee found herself in a marriage to a white man, with whom she shares a son. The couple resided in Mombasa, alongside the singer’s other children.

However, Akothee describes this union as toxic, revealing that she felt compelled to flee the relationship to safeguard her well-being.

“I realized I had to leave because staying meant risking falling into the abyss of drug use,” Akothee candidly shared. “I made the decision to stand on my own financially and provide the best for my children.”

A pivotal moment came upon her return from South Africa, where she had been filming a music video with Diamond Platnumz. With clarity and determination, Akothee made preparations to depart, securing a residence in Nairobi, furnishing it, and enrolling her children in school.

“I left with the bare essentials, ready to start anew,” she recalled. “The departure was seamless, with the children unaware of the upheaval until we passed their school, prompting questions.”

While Akothee acknowledges the sadness surrounding her departure, she emphasizes the necessity of prioritizing her children’s well-being above all else.

Akothee and papa Oyoo

“Leaving was the only option to protect my children from ongoing humiliation,” she explained. “If I had stayed, I might have succumbed to despair and resorted to substance abuse.”

However, transitioning to her new life in Nairobi was not without its challenges. Akothee faced pushback from her co-parents, who sought access to visit their children in the new household.

Despite the hurdles, Akothee remains resolute in her decision, determined to provide a stable and nurturing environment for her children while charting her own path forward.

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