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“I Was Paid Ksh290,000 To Perform For Just 30 Minutes In The US” – 2Mbili 

2Mbili, who is now struggling financially, recalled how he made millions during his tour of America.

The comedian reminisced about his groundbreaking USA comedy tour in 2017 while speaking during an interview on Radio 47.

Despite being relatively new to the comedy scene at the time, 2Mbili received a surprising invitation to perform in America.

He initially thought the invitation to perform in the US was a scam but it turned out that the woman behind the initiative was genuine.

The woman, who admired 2Mbili’s work, facilitated his trip to the US, covering his travel expenses and assisting with his visa application.

Upon arriving in the USA, 2Mbili was warmly welcomed and performed in several states.

“I was paid $2,000 (KSh290,000) to preform for 30 minutes in America,” 2Mbili recalled.

His three-month stay in the US proved lucrative, enabling him to support his family and aid upcoming comedians like Shiti back in Kenya. Reflecting on this experience, 2Mbili expressed gratitude for the life-changing opportunity.

Following his return to Kenya, 2Mbili transitioned to YouTube, rebranding his channel as 2Mbili TV.

He started by interviewing celebrities and later launched the popular show “Celeb Ride,” which significantly boosted his channel’s popularity and financial success.

Today, YouTube pays all his bills, marking a remarkable transformation in his career trajectory.


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