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“I Am Not Proud Of Myself” Nyako Speaks On Her Leaked Siex Tape 

Leaked videos of Nyako playing with her kinembe like a guitar have made their way onto adult Telegram channels making the Germany-based TikToker more stressed.

Many are left wondering what the future holds for the infamous TikTok whose reputation has been tarnished by the scandal even as she tries to brush it off.

The leaked video showed Nyako mast*rbating live on camera.

Nyako 1

The video has sparked mixed reactions with a lot of people criticizing Nyako for doing such a shameful act.

Others claimed that Nyako had leaked the video herself to get attention online.

During a live session on TikTok, Nyako explained that she was not proud of herself and she would take full responsibility for her actions.

She went on to beg the one releasing the videos to make sure they don’ t reach her children. According to Nyako, her children were innocent and don’t deserve to be dragged in her mess.

“I am not proud of myself over my leaked intimate video. I am taking responsibility of my actions. I don’ t want anybody to pity me. I am going to walk in this shame and I’ d get over it. I am not proud of it. I am ashamed. I have kids. Whoever is posting these videos just make sure they don’ t reach my children. It could reach anybody even my brothers but not my children,” Nyako stated.

Hours before the video leaked online, Nyako went live on TikTok explaining that her n*des were set to be leaked online. She begged Kenyans not to judge her harshly.

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