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Carol Sonnie Finally Unmasks Her Boyfriend After Hiding Him For Months 

Carol Sonnie had been very secretive about her love life ever since her relationship with Mulamwah hit rock bottom.

However, on March 5, 2024, Sonnie decided to lift the curtain on her romantic life and allowed her fans to catch a glimpse of her sweetheart who she had been hiding for so long.

In her latest Instagram post, the queen of glamor shared a quick photo of herself and her man together.

The man, wearing a black t-shirt, black hat and purple trousers, took her holding hands to the place where they bought an expensive phone.


Carol Sonnie shares her thoughts on their relationship in a video featuring the song “Chi Baby” by Kelechi Africanah.


In the video, her partner is seen on a shopping trip that culminates in the purchase of the new iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The video begins with a suitor offering Carol Sonnie a unique choice: whether it’s the gift of a high-end mobile phone or the option to welcome a second child into their life.

Each option is written on a different piece of paper, and Sonie’s task is to choose one at random without knowing the details in advance.


Carrol Sonie unveiled her boyfriend’s face for the first time even though they have been dating for the past two years.

The mother of one had previously promised not to reveal her boyfriend during a Q&A with her Instagram followers in July 2022.

“Hello Nairobi at noon ficha mtu wako kama bhangi,” Carol Sonnie said at the time.

The mother of one announced that she was in a new relationship during Q&A in December 2021, just months after breaking up with her baby daddy Mulamwah.

The two former lovebirds have been embroiled in endless dramas revolving around their daughter.

Mulamwah and Sonnie announced their breakup in December 2021.

The comedian revealed he broke up with Sonnie when she was just three months pregnant but chose to wait until the birth of their child to make the breakup public.

The two were blessed with a baby Keilah Oyando in September 2021, by that time they had already broken up.

Both Mulamwah and Sonnie moved on and started dating again months after their breakup.

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