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“Who The F*ck Did I Marry?” Akothee Exposes Omosh Afresh And How He Used Her

Akothee says they did not get a marriage certificate after their wedding, now making the divorce process a headache.

Akothee recently opened up about her tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer. In a live session on TikTok, she shared details of the conflicts they faced and how she dealt with them.

One of the main issues Akothee highlighted was Omosh’s tendency to break promises, leaving her to resolve the resulting problems using her own money.

She recounted an incident where Omosh denied ordering maize worth approximately Sh700,000, despite it being delivered to their home by a government official.

Akothee was shocked by his denial and confronted him in person, only to be met with further disbelief.

Akothee also revealed that Omosh lived in her house for six months without contributing financially. She calculated that if he had stayed in a 5-star hotel, it would have cost Sh45,000 per day, yet he saw her daily without paying anything when she’s actually paid for such an experience.

Another issue Akothee faced was Omosh’s unilateral decisions, such as building a pigsty on her property without her knowledge.

Despite her protests, he went ahead with the construction, resulting in substantial financial losses due to the wrong breed of pigs and high feeding costs.

Fed up with the situation, Akothee sold all the pigs and sent Omosh the proceeds.

Finally, Akothee decided to end the marriage, relieved that their only proof of marriage was an extravagant wedding paid for by Omosh. Since they lacked a marriage certificate, there were no legal formalities for the divorce.

Akothee shared the challenges she faced in her marriage and her decision to prioritize her own well-being and financial stability.

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