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“Walikua Wananyonga!” Netizens Shocked After Watching Nyako Pilot’s Leaked S3xt@pe

“Mimi nilitoa tu suruali akamwaga!” Nyako says. Nyako was allegedly duped by her boyfriend akadhani ako in love, wakaanza kunyonga naye on phone, kumbe the guy was recording her,” sources allege.

Nyako found herself at the center of controversy after alleged videos of her surfaced online, sparking shock and disbelief among her fans.

Reports suggest that Nyako’s trending videos were leaked by her own boyfriend, whom she trusted wholeheartedly. The betrayal came as a devastating blow to Nyako, who had formed a close bond with her partner on TikTok and shared intimate moments with him during live chats.

According to sources, Nyako fell victim to deception when her boyfriend, whom she believed to be deeply in love with her, secretly recorded their conversations without her knowledge. The revelation of the leaked videos has plunged Nyako into a state of pain and tears as she grapples with the betrayal.

The leaked videos have since made their way onto adult telegram channels allegedly , further intensifying the distress for Nyako and leaving social media users in disbelief.

Many are left wondering what the future holds for the once-popular TikTok star, whose reputation has been tarnished by the scandal even as she tries to brush it off.

Earlier Nyako confirmed that indeed her video was out on social media and was only worried about the damage it would cause his son if he saw it.

This alleged screenshot of the video is trending will sources saying the video is publicly available on Telegram.

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