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Guardian Angel’s family didn’t show up for his wedding

Guardian Angel was a happy man a few days ago on Tuesday after he got to marry the love of his life who is 21 years his senior, Esther Musila-Omwaka who is also very happy to be his wife. He got married on the same day as his birthday.

What a lot of people on the social media space didn’t know is that the family of Peter Omwaka popularly known as Guardian Angel didn’t show up to support him on his wedding day, reportedly, there’s no single family member who showed up according to a reliable source.

The source reveals that there’s no one who showed support to Guardian Angel including his own mother despite receiving the wedding invitations that he sent to them personally.

Guardian Angel’s family is convinced that Esther Musila, his wife is taking advantage of him. Since they went public as a power couple, Esther Musila never visited Guardian Angel’s relatives, not even once.

“None of the family members from Guardian Angel’s side attended while Esther’s sisters and brothers came.

Guardian’s family is opposed to his union with Esther because of their huge age difference. Even his mother is not happy,” a source revealed.

Remember the wedding was not supposed to be private. They had earlier hinted on having a wedding of the year which they had postponed twice.

The shame of Guardian Angel’s family not attending killed the plan for a “wedding of the year,” the anonymous source disclosed.


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