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Kikuyu Elders Visit Brian Chira Grave Area To Perform Cleansing Rituals

Kikuyu elders visited the grave area where Brian Chira was laid to rest to perform cleansing rituals, just weeks after his burial.

Chira tragically lost his life in a hit-and-run accident in Karuri, Kiambu County. His friend, who was with him that fateful night, explained that Chira had been drinking at a local club.

Brian Chira was laid to rest on his grandmother’s ancestral land in Gitei village, Gathanje, Kiambu County on March 26, 2024. The burial ceremony attracted a crowd of prominent figures from the content creating community, known as the “Chira Clan,” leaving villagers astonished.

However, locals expressed shock at what they saw as a lack of respect for village customs and disruptive behavior by the mourners.

They were upset by the way the visitors dressed, smoked, and drank alcohol openly, without regard for the community’s traditions or clergy.

After the burial, the villagers decided to hold a cleansing ceremony to remove any negative spirits left behind.

The elders, adorned in traditional attire, gathered at the entrance of Chira’s grandmother’s home to begin the ceremony with prayers, seeking forgiveness from God for the events that occurred during Chira’s funeral.

During the cleansing ritual, the elders also addressed issues they observed during the burial, such as activities they deemed taboo in their culture, and condemned behaviors like the use of illicit brew and activities associated with the LGBTQ community. They prayed for the youth and sought forgiveness on their behalf.

The cleansing ritual signifies the community’s efforts to restore harmony and uphold their cultural values following the crazy events surrounding Brian Chira’s burial.


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