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“Nimechoka Kuzaa!” Diana Marua Tells Bahati She’ll Not Allow Him To Impregnate Her Again

“Kama unataka mtoto mwigine, basi utabeba mimba nine months na unazae!” Diana Marua tells Bahati.

In a recent conversation, Diana Marua expressed her reluctance to have another child unless her husband, Bahati, carries the pregnancy himself and gives birth.

Diana emphasized that she didn’t want to go through the discomfort of pregnancy again, recalling the challenges she faced, including cravings for unusual foods like soil and stones and feeling restricted while Bahati enjoyed his freedom.

The couple, known for their openness about their lives, shared differing views on expanding their family. While Bahati expressed his desire for more children, Diana firmly stated her opposition to carrying another baby.

“Of course, I want more babies,” Bahati affirmed, revealing his eagerness to grow their family.

However, Diana promptly countered Bahati’s enthusiasm, arguing out the physical and emotional toll of pregnancy. “At the end of the day, I’m the one who’s carrying the baby. So, I’m not planning to have another baby,” she declared, emphasizing her decision on the matter.

Bahati appeared uneasy with Diana’s decision, indicating potential disagreement between the couple in the future. Despite their differing opinions, Bahati and Diana remain committed to each other, and they will undoubtedly discuss and come to a decision regarding their family’s future together.

Diana and Bahati have three children together; Heaven, Majesty and Malaika.


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