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Sasa Ntajuaje Miaka Yao! Embarambamba Doesn’t Know How Old His Kids Are

Embarambamba said it is his wife’s responsibility to know the ages of their children as his work is just impregnate her.

Controversial singer Chris Embarambamba has surprised his fans after admitting that he does not know the age of his children.

Speaking during an interview on a local radio station, Embarambamba revealed that he is the father of 5 children but he does not know the age of any of the children.

The controversial singer defended himself saying that his work is just to produce the seeds that sired his children while it was his wife’s responsibility to memorize their ages.

“I am married, I have 5 children and one wife. I did it just for fun and I found myself with 5 children and one wife named Vane Embarambamba. He is the one who washes the clothes that you see with mud,” Embarambamba said.

“My first child, I don’t even know his age, but I only know where he has reached academically. He has entered the first form. But I don’t know the years, you know I was just producing, I don’t know the years. The last one, I don’t know if it’s 4 years or I don’t think it’s 3 years,” he added.

The artist defended himself saying that he has spent a lot of time in spreading the gospel and thus he has not had much time to spend with his sons like a mother spends with them.

“You know I haven’t spent much time with these children. It’s pregnancy and then I go to the gospel, in this work of Almighty God you can’t stay at home for too long. I work for God and I also work for myself because there is no supermarket up there [in heaven] and no angel comes down every week to bring us food, we are the ones who send ourselves when we preach the gospel, to earn income and return donations to the church,” he explained.

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