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“I’m Very Much Saved” Diana Marua Declares After Being Asked To Quit Drinking, Smoking Shisha

A bold fan has advised Diana Marua to work on her relationship with God.

The fan told Diana that she should quit smoking shisha and drinking for the sake of her health and God’s glory.

“Not a question but for the sake of your health and God’s glory  stop drinking and smoking shisha and instead  get saved,” read the question from the fan.

After the question was read to Diana, her husband Bahati questioned if her if she really drinks and she responded saying that she drinks a lot of things.

The mother of three went on to say that her relationship with God is very personally and she would talk to God personally when the end time comes, brushing off the advise.

“Mi hukunywa vitu mingi. Mi hukunywa chai, maji, soda, juice na mimi my relationship with God is very personal. I am very much saved. Tusikuje kusema vitu za dunia ati juu nimekunywa soda nini I don’t have a relationship with God. I love God so much. There is no better freedom than living life without fear of being judged. I live my life to the fullest.

“Mimi now that tutaenda mbinguni ukiniambia nikuwe saved ama nini yaani mimi nitaongelesha Mungu mimi pekee, personally,” the content creator said.

Bahati chipped in asking her why she nearly cried as she defended herself so much.


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Diana has been captured on camera several times smoking. In a recent video, she was seen enjoying smoking in the company of her husband and even blew the smoke to him. Also last December, she could be seen enjoying the smoke during the Cleophas Malala Super Cup.

Bahati is also not different as he has also engaged in the act even during music videos. Worried fans have  however not ceased from cautioning them about the effects of the habit.

“Smoking kills,” a social media user warned.


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