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Esther Musila: I Didn’t Enjoy My First Marriage To Late Husband 

Esther Musila says her current marriage to Guardian Angel is more fulfilling than her first marriage to her late husband.

The mother of three compared her two marriages while speaking on a podcast with Guardian Angel.

Musila said that she enjoys being called a wife in her current marriage contrary to how she felt several years ago in her first marriage.

Musila congratulated and praised Guardian Angel for making her enjoy being called a wife, a feeling she had never experienced before due to getting married at a young age.

“And speaking from my own perspective, and this is something I’ve been telling myself, I’m at a point in my life where I now understand what it means to be married.

“Perhaps in my first marriage, I got married while still young, and so I didn’t get the chance to enjoy being a wife. Maybe because I wasn’t given that opportunity. I was young, I had children while still young, so it was more about other people.

“But now I enjoy being a wife, and being considered a wife, so congratulations to you,” Esther Musila explained.

On his part, Guardian Angel said his marriage to Esther Musila has greatly matured him to the extent that he has become a responsible man.

“For me, I think marriage has grown me, even in terms of my personal maturity, my discipline, knowing that I can’t just wake up in the morning and do things as I want, that’s also discipline in its own way considering that before marriage I had a free life, and I think many people learn from the position of responsibility,” Guardian Angel said.

“If you look at my current life and compare it to my past life, I had great talent, I was making good music – which is part of the reason we are together – but there were some things that hadn’t happened in my life yet.

“Some things hadn’t opened up completely because I didn’t have you, or I wasn’t responsible to someone else. From the perspective of maturity, it’s a good place to grow. Being responsible,” he added.

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