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“Anakojoa Povu Tu” Dr CassyPool Claims Harmonize Is Battling With UTIs

Dr CassyPool is known for his famous line,”Nataka kutahiri” on A Nurse Toto show.

CassyPool, a Kenyan entertainment spokesperson and one of the most controversial content creators in the country currently, is still not done comparing the entertainment industries of Kenya and Tanzania.

Following his harsh criticism of Diamond Platnumz, he has now turned his attention to his nemesis Harmonize, the CEO of Kondegang.

The vocal commentator, who has been a vocal advocate for the protection and recognition of Kenyan music, recently stated that it is not fair to compare Kenyan musicians to Harmonize or the Tanzanian entertainment industry as a whole because in many ways, our bongo flava brothers and sisters are struggling.

He used Harmonize as an example to argue that he is not as great a musician as many believe.

According to CassyPool, this misconception arose due to the way a famous presenter introduced Harmonize to the Kenyan entertainment industry, leading people to believe he was bigger than local celebrities.

CassyPool claimed that Harmonize’s only skill is sleeping around with women, and further alleged that the singer has been struggling with sexually transmitted infections.

These claims were made in the wake of online allegations that Paula Kajala, the daughter of Kajala, had infected Rayvanny with an STI.

Mwijaku further alleged that Harmonize had a sexual relationship with Paula Kajala, which was one of the reasons why he broke up with Kajala.

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