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Carol Katrue Shares Update About Miracle Baby After Fourth Surgery

Mugithi singer Miracle Baby recently underwent a fourth surgery that was aimed at reversing his intestines so that he could resume defecating normally.

Speaking to Nairobi News, his wife Carol Katrue said that he was responding well after the surgery and he was due for discharge.

Miracle baby is however still at the hospital, awaiting clearance of his Kshs500,000 medical bill.

“We haven’t revealed the hospital’s details because his fans and our friends have been coming, which the doctors have discouraged for Peter’s well-being. We have been cleared for discharge but are still awaiting the necessary funds,” she said when she was contacted via phone.

“At this moment, we are relying on ourselves, but Peter is recovering,” the mother of one added, avoiding to respond about the help that President William Ruto had pledged to grant them.

The surgery came days after the couple went for a vacation to the Coast and after Miracle’s Baby’s 25th birthday celebration.

During the birthday, Katrue revealed that Miracle Baby was scared about the  surgery, and the celebration and vacation were meant to cheer him up and make him relax.

“He is also stressed because of the bills, there are people making negative comments, like there is someone who told me I should wait for him to die before they contribute, such things are not interesting and we thought of organizing him a party so that he doesn’t fall into depression like last time,” Katrue said.



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