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Sandra Dacha Recalls How Her Military Boyfriend Dumped Her Because Of Buying A Bigger Fridge

Sandra Dacha has revealed that she was deeply in love with her ex known as Dave, who is a Kenya Defence Officer.

Their love however came to an end when Dacha decided to equip her house with a big fridge.

“I used to have a boyfriend. I used to stay in Donhom at that time. he was a soldier. You know he left me for buying a bigger fridge. Alienda mission akarudi akpata nyumba imejaa vitu mpya hapa n apale akashindwa huyu msichana ametoa pesa wapi,”she opened up to a local media outlet.

The actress said that she later realized that her ex was intimidated because of the things she owned, since he didn’t have them at his own house

“I came to learn that men feel intimidated. In his house vitu hazikuwa kama zangu so he left me. That was my lowest by the way. I felt so bad, Dave wherever you are. I have never revealed his name by the way until now, Dacha said.

Dacha said that she was deeply pained by the breakup, but it made her strong as she has never again in her life shed tears because of a man.

“Bado ako jeshi lakini I don’t talk to him. Why the hell would he leave me because I bought a big fridge? Nilimpenda. I cried and cried. But since then I have never cried for a man. Nimeshalia ya kutosha. Men should be proud when their women are making it… You have a flower,” she said.



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