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Carol Katrue Reveals The Source Of Funds Used In Miracle Baby’s Birthday Party And Why It Was Necessary

Carol Katrue has been forced to explain how she was able to surprise Miracle Baby with a lavish birthday party as he turned 25 recently.

Many have raised questions because the bash came at a time they have been fundraising for the Mugithi singer’s hospital and homecare bills.

In an interview with Kenya Online Media, the mother of one however revealed that she has no money and the event was only possible because of their close friends

“This bash has been funded by Mamake Boys(Bernice Saroni), Sir Mburu, those are close friends, we have Kipng’eno. I had the love to do it but I didn’t have money. Mamake Boys came through, Sir Mburu, who is a huge supporter of our songs, Kipng’eno we met through TikTok. We raised the funds and we were able to surprise him,” she revealed.

According to her, Miracle Baby is afraid of his upcoming surgery that is schedule in two weeks time and the birthday surprise was one of the things that would make him relax and not think so much about that.

“He is also stressed because of the bills, there are people making negative comments, like there is someone who told me I should wait for him to die before they contribute, such things are not interesting and we thought of organizing him a party so that he doesn’t fall into depression like last time,” Katrue said.

Katrue further told off those who were claiming that Miracle Baby’s illness was all about clout chasing.

“After they seen this bash, some claimed that it was clout chasing that there was no sickness. Of all the things can you clout chase with illness? What were they waiting for to happen so that when he celebrates it becomes an issue?” she said.

She added that they would also organize a fundraiser for the upcoming surgery.


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