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The Day Akuku Danger Was Caught Pants Down At Sugar-mummy’s House In Kilimani

“Nilikua nimekula mali ya wenyewe, then mzee mwenye nyumba akaingia. Wakaenda na sugarmummy kwa bedroom ingine akafulizwa tena!” Akuku Danger narrates.

Comedian Akuku Danger shared a shocking experience that nearly turned his life upside down on Radio 47.

In a candid phone interview, he recounted the time he found himself in a dangerous situation at a sugar mummy’s house in Kilimani.

It all began after one of his performances at an event at Carnivore while he was still in campus.

Akuku Danger met a lady who expressed admiration for his show and invited him into her car for a chat after finding at a matatu stage. Being a young man with little experience, he saw no harm in accepting the invitation.

“She was driving a luxurious Mercedes, and I was amazed. I didn’t know such women existed in Nairobi. She even confused me with her money, offering me a sum I had never seen before in my life,” Akuku Danger recalled.

The lady, impressed by Akuku Danger‘s performance and charm, offered him money and suggested they spend the night together at her place in Kilimani. Despite his initial reservations, Akuku Danger agreed to accompany her.

Upon reaching her house, she made him feel at home and even suggested they sleep together. Unfortunately, their intimate moment was interrupted when the woman’s husband unexpectedly arrived home.

“I thought I was in trouble. The situation was tense, but luckily I managed to escape,” Akuku Danger confessed.

This experience taught him a valuable life lesson about the dangers of getting involved with married individuals and the importance of being cautious and respectful in relationships.


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