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“Bahati Is A very bad Clout Chaser” – Terence Creative Says 

Popular comedian Terence Creative made a joke about Victor Wanyama during the launch of Bahati and Diana Marua’s new Netflix reality show ‘The Bahati’s Empire’ on June 6, 2024.

Terence Creative sent the audience laughing after mentioning the popular football player during the event in Nairobi.

“Bahati is a very bad clout chaser, kweli si kweli? Bahati ulianza kulia ukaona machozi hifanyi kazi ukaanza uongo,” Terence said.

“Na uko na nguvu sana umeweka bibiako kwa mtendao na unajua venye online watu ni Wanyama,” he added.

Victor Wanyama is rumored to have been in a relationship with Diana Marua several years ago. They allegedly dated for several years before separating.

Bahati elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans several days ago when he posted a photo of his wife with Victor Wanyama.

In a bold move to generate buzz around their latest project, Bahati and Diana Marua sparked a storm of controversy with a staged breakup stunt that sent shockwaves across social media.

The drama unfolded when Bahati took to Instagram, sharing an old photograph of his wife with footballer Victor Wanyama, accompanied by a heartbreak emoji-laden caption.

This provocative post left netizens speculating about the state of their relationship, but the plot thickened as Bahati followed up 14 hours later with a post featuring his ex-partner Yvette Obura and their daughter, Faith Mueni, dressed in graduation attire.

Captioned with cryptic words like “I wish I knew” and a sad emoji, the post only added fuel to the fire of speculation.

Bahati and Diana Marua also unfollowed each other on Instagram to make their fake breakup look legit.

However, the truth behind the spectacle was soon revealed as both Bahati and Diana Marua confessed to the stunt being nothing more than a clout-chasing tactic.

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