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Sultry Singer Jovial Speaks Out Against Fake Nails, Embraces Natural Beauty

Juliet Mariam Ayub, popularly known as Jovial, has opened up about her personal preferences and the reasons behind her decision to keep her nails short and natural.

The renowned songwriter and singer addressed her fans and critics in a powerful message expressing her distaste for the fake nail trend.

Taking to social media, Jovial, celebrated for her captivating voice and catchy songs, addressed the numerous comments she has received about her nails.

She questioned the obsession some people have with artificial nails, saying, “What is the obsession with some of you that you like to see people with claws to accept you?”

She added, “You need to leave me alone. I’ve had my nails like this for a long time! Haven’t you done your nails?”

Jovial elaborated on her preference for short nails, revealing that not everyone likes long or fake nails.

“There are some of us, like me, who don’t like long nails or sticking them for a while. I love them short and clean! Speaking for myself and many others who share the same opinion about nails,” she explained.

Sharing a painful experience, Jovial recounted, “There was a day when I hit my fingernails when I was about to go on stage while getting out of the car. I stopped security for a good 5 minutes, thinking to myself, that pain is not a game! Then the day of release is cut in half.”

The memory of the excruciating pain caused by long nails reinforced her decision to keep them short to avoid such accidents in the future.

Jovial also mentioned that she regularly takes care of her nails, often taking breaks to let them rest.

“I usually do my nails but sometimes I take a break, give me a break then. I’m a homebody,” she added, highlighting her lifestyle.

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