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Reality Check: Bahati, Diana Marua Fake Breakup Revealed as Ploy to Promote New Netflix Show

In a bold move to generate buzz around their latest project, musician Bahati and his wife Diana Marua sparked a storm of controversy with a staged breakup stunt that sent shockwaves across social media.

The drama unfolded when Bahati took to Instagram, sharing an old photograph of his wife with footballer Victor Wanyama, accompanied by a heartbreak emoji-laden caption.

This provocative post left netizens speculating about the state of their relationship, but the plot thickened as Bahati followed up 14 hours later with a post featuring his ex-partner Yvette Obura and their daughter, Faith Mueni, dressed in graduation attire.

Captioned with cryptic words like “I wish I knew” and a sad emoji, the post only added fuel to the fire of speculation.

Bahati and Diana Marua also unfollowed each other on Instagram to make their fake breakup look legit.

However, the truth behind the spectacle was soon revealed as both Bahati and Diana Marua confessed to the stunt being nothing more than a clout-chasing tactic.

The purported breakup was merely a ploy to drum up excitement before the unveiling of their new reality show on Netflix.

“We Were the First Kenyan Family to have a Reality on a National TV (Being Bahati on NTV) and now we Make History as the First Kenyan Family to Have a Reality Show on Netflix ūüĒ• All Glory Goes to Our Lord Jesus Christ ūüôŹ,” Bahati announced, putting an end to the speculation.

“IT‚ÄôS OFFICIAL! THE FIRST KENYAN /EAST AFRICAN REALITY SHOW ON NETFLIX IS #THEBAHATISEMPIRE PREMIERS ON FRIDAY 7TH JUNE 2024‚Ķ Oh Yes; I Know Y‚Äôall had Missed Us on TV‚Ķ The King & Queen of Reality are Back and It‚Äôs Time for us to answer all your Rumors as we share with the World our Dirty, Clean, Sad and Happy Moments! THIS IS UNSCRIPTED‚Ķ THIS IS THE BEST REALITY KENYA HAS SEEN‚Ķ JUST TRUST ME! SEE Y‚ÄôALL ON NETFLIX THIS FRIDAY ūüĒ•,” he concluded.

While the stunt may have succeeded in grabbing headlines, it also raised questions about the lengths some celebrities will go to for publicity.

Yet, with the promise of a new unscripted reality series hitting screens soon, Bahati and Diana Marua seem poised to make waves once again, this time on a global platform.



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