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Actress Jackie Matubia’s Shocking Admission: “I Told Him To Leave My House”

Jackie Matubia has sent shockwaves through her fans with her latest candid confession about her tumultuous relationship with a former partner.

Appearing on Pulse Live Kenya’s segment “I Knew I Didn’t Like Him When…”, the stunning star revealed the moment she realized she was no longer in love with her ex.

“I told him to wake up and leave my house,” she candidly admitted, adding “I am Miss Independent”.

But who was the lucky man (or not so lucky) who received the boot?

Fans are convinced that the unlucky suitor is none other than Blessing Lung’aho, the father of her youngest daughter. And they have good reason to believe so – after all, there were already signs that the couple had parted ways before the breakup was officially confirmed.

Take, for instance, the rather telling Instagram post from May 2023. In a video showcasing her stylish living room, Jackie’s followers noticed a significant change: the family photos that once adorned the walls had been noticeably reduced.

Where once there were four proud family members smiling for the camera, now there were just two. And if that wasn’t enough to raise suspicions, fans pointed out that Blessing’s photos had been removed from the walls altogether.

So, it’s little wonder that fans are convinced that Jackie’s shocking admission about telling her partner to leave is indeed about Blessing Lung’aho.

And as we continue to follow the unfolding drama of Jackie’s personal life, one thing is clear: this star is not afraid to speak her truth and show her fans what it means to be a true boss lady.

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