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Heartbroken Bahati Unfollows Wife Diana Marua

Bahati and Diana Marua are one of the most famous celebrity couples in Kenya. But recently there’s drama brewing between the two on Instagram. Bahati unfollowed his wife Diana on the social media app.

The trouble started when Bahati posted an old photo his wife and famous Kenyan footballer Victor Wanyama.

In the old photo, Diana and Victor are very close together and smiling. Diana revealed in a past interview that her and Victor were just friends when the photo was taken.

However, Bahati then reposted the same photo on his Instagram account. But he added some sad emojis that showed a broken heart mood. This made many of their fans think there were problems in their marriage.

After posting the photo with the sad emojis, Bahati went ahead and unfollowed Diana on Instagram. This raised even more questions about if the couple was going through issues or splitting up.

Diana and Bahati are known for sometimes seeking attention or exaggerating small things on social media. So some people think this could just be them looking for more followers and comments by creating drama.

Neither Diana nor Bahati has directly addressed what is actually going on between them. Their fans and followers are waiting anxiously for an explanation about the situation.

If there are genuine problems, many hope Diana and Bahati can work through any issues. But if it is just for publicity, the stunt has worked as it has gone viral on Kenyan social media.


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