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‘Atamtokezea kila mahali” Jeff Mwathi’s Grandmother Curses DJ Fatxo

Jeff Mwathi’s grandmother has invoke the deceased’s ghost to haunt DJ Fatxo until he confesses.

DJ Fatxo is the main suspect the death of Jeff Mwathi who died mysterious at his house.

The deceased fell from the 10th floor of DJ Fatxo’s apartment. The suspect alleged that he committed suicide.

Jeff Mwathi’s family however insists that DJ Fatxo has a hand in the death of their kin.

Speaking during a recent interview, Jeff Mwathi’s grandmother called upon her late grandson’s ghost to haunt DJ Fatxo.

The granny insisted that DJ Fatxo will not have peace, insisting that Jeff’s ghost will not rest.

“I always pray that Jeff’s spirit never rests, I pray that Jeff appears to DJ Fatxo every day and everywhere he is. I know that Fatxo sacrificed my grandson but I have cursed him all his life,” the granny said.

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