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Andrew Kibe: Akothee Will Use And Dump Omosh,She’s Not A Wife Material

“Omosh katanyonywa na Akothee, kaishe, kadedi, kakufe, tukazike!” Andrew Kibe prophesies.

Andrew Kibe will never stop his criticism towards Esther Akothee. Kibe chose to focus on Akothee’s past relationships and how they consistently result in significant heartbreak, mocking referring her to the black spider.

In the eyes of Kifee, Akothee falls short of being deemed a suitable wife material. He passionately asserts that her previous relationships, which were engulfed in sorrowful tears, stand as undeniable proof of this. It is a heartrending tale he narrates.

Before Akothee found herself wedded to Omosh, her path was paved with shattered dreams and heartache from all his previous men and baby daddies.

Kibe claims he’s exposing the raw truth about Akothee, revealing that she cunningly portrayed herself as modest and humble to win over Omosh’s heart.

However, the moment the Swiss man uttered his consent with their grand wedding at Windsor, Akothee wasted no time, and is back online unveiling her true colors, proudly parading herself across the digital realm.

AkotheeShe is fully on the internet almost immediately after their wedding with her relentless online disputes, engaging in heated battles with numerous individuals.

Kibe firmly believes that a wife should embody qualities of humility and tranquility. Sadly, he anticipates that the same fate that befell Akothee’s former boyfriend, Nelly Oaks, will inevitably befall Omosh as well.

Akothee and Nelly OaksAndrew Kibe foresees a repetition of the turbulent events that unfolded in Akothee’s past, casting a shadow of doubt and certainty over her current relationship with Denis “Omosh” Schweizer.

The outspoken content creator boldly proclaimed that Akothee is an exceedingly domineering woman, leaving no room for doubt that she wields absolute control over Omosh.

Every action taken by Omosh, according to Kibe, must have Akothee’s fingerprints all over it.

This, in his eyes, is an alarming red flag, serving as an ominous warning sign. He deeply empathizes with Omosh, urging him to brace himself for an impending breakup just like Nelly Oaks and the rest in her love and dating history.


Akothee will inevitably exploit Omosh for her own selfish gains. Once she has extracted all she desires, she will callously discard him, leaving him in the same despairing state as her ex, Nelly Oaks who he says, is now just a shell.

Kibe plays a video where Madam Boss bossed Nelly on radio like a helpless man; asking whether he’ll marry her.

Before he could say YES or NO;she answered DEFINITELY, emotional damage it was, he says.

“Nelly anakula tu mamboch sasa, those ones that have a feature phone that don’t know him online,” Kibe insists.

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