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“Stevo Ulilambwo?” Kenyan Men Go Wild As Pritty Vishy Flaunts Her Extra Long Tongue

“Kuna venye Pritty Vishy anaumaumanga ulimi inakuanga very sexy, inanipatia imagination!” “The tongue can be long, but does it do what it’s supposed to do?” Oga Obinna asks.

Social media went abuzz as Pritty Vishy flaunted her extra-long tongue on Oga Obinna’s Show, capturing the attention and imagination of many. Admirers and men like Oga Obinna couldn’t help but be captivated by thoughts of what such a unique trait could do, igniting feelings of excitement and curiosity.

During a chat show hosted by Oga Obinna, a fan openly expressed admiration for Pritty Vishy’s lips and the mesmerizing feeling he gets when she speaks.

To this, Pritty Vishy playfully inquired if the admirer had noticed her extra long tongue, leaving Oga Obinna momentarily speechless in wild thoughts.

Oga Obinna couldn’t resist asking Pritty Vishy if her exceptional tongue could perform as impressively as it appeared.

This question led to netizens suggesting that only Pritty Vishy’s ex-boyfriend, Stevo Simple Boy, could confirm the wonders her tongue can do.

Regarding their separation, Stevo revealed that the breakup occurred due to a disagreement about premarital intimacy when he disclosed his decision to remain celibate until marriage.

He firmly expressed his commitment to waiting until marriage to consummate the relationship, a decision that Pritty was not in agreement with, ultimately leading to the end of their romantic involvement.

“I explained to her that we should wait until after our wedding, but she was not open to the idea. She believed I was overly religious,” Stevo said.


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