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Jamal Rohosafi Send A Humble Plea To Amira Amid Their Unending Feud

“Wewe Amira wacha kunifuatilia maisha yangu,” Jamal pleaded with his ex-wife to leave him alone.

The businessman issued a humble ultimatum to his estranged ex-wife while speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve.

“One advice I can tell Amira is that mimi nilishamove on, ulishaniambia kutoka kitambo ulimove on, move on and please wacha kushinda ukinifwatilia fwatilia kwa maisha yangu,” Jamal said.

He further advised Amira to keep herself busy on Instagram noting that his ex wife decided to make the social media site her office.

“Wewe fame ilishakuingia, Instagram is your office operate in your office. Let me just do my own things at my own time,” Jamal said.

The celebrity businessman further vowed to stop talking about Amira insisting that she should also move on with her life and completely forget about him.

“This is my last time nafanya interview ya kumzungumzia I will never speak about her again. Please keep off from me na mimi kuanzilia leo hutawai skia nkiongea kitu chochote kukuhusu. Move on and I wish you all the best in your life,” Jamal said.


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