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Zuchu Asks Diamond Platnumz For A Wedding If He Wants To Impregnate Her

“Unanipenda mimi, unanitaka piaaa! Unanioa lini? Ama unanitumia?” Zuchu sings leaving Diamond Platnumz speechless and lost in thoughts.

Zuchu has set tongues wagging with a recent on-stage revelation that has left fans buzzing about her relationship with her mentor and colleague, Diamond Platnumz.

During a live performance at the Pangani Kunono event on April 16, Zuchu took everyone by surprise when she decided to tweak the lyrics of their popular collaboration, ‘Watasubiri,’ to include a question about marriage directed at Diamond.

In a spontaneous moment captured on video and shared by Wasafi on April 17, Diamond and Zuchu shared an intimate exchange on stage, adding a new twist to their song.

Diamond altered Watasubiri hit by incorporating fresh lyrics into the song, asking Zuchu if she would be willing to have his child: “Do you love me? Hmm, do you want me too? Hmm, do you trust me, and will you bear me a child?”

“Ati unanipenda mi, mmh, unanitaka pia, mmh, unaniamini, na utanizalia?”

Following Diamond’s unexpected verse, Zuchu joined in with her modified rendition: “You love me, you want me too… When are you marrying me? Or are you just using me?”

“Unanipenda mimi, unanitaka piaaa! Unanioa lini? Ama unanitumia?”

The unexpected question caught everyone off guard, including Diamond himself, who appeared both surprised and amused by the playful banter. Despite the spontaneous nature of the moment, Diamond laughed it off on stage, showing no signs of discomfort.

The interaction between Zuchu and Diamond has sparked speculation among fans about the true nature of their relationship. Some are wondering if there’s more to their dynamic than just a professional partnership, while others are simply enjoying the entertainment value of their on-stage chemistry.

As speculation continues, fans eagerly await to see if Diamond will ever wife his Wasafi Records signee and girlfriend Zuchu and how the relationship will be.


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