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Akothee Gets Tickled By Her Daughter’s Choice Of Birthday Gift

Akothee has been left in stiches because of the birthday gift that her second born daughter Rue Baby requested for.

In a post she shared on Facebook, the mother of five revealed that her daughter wanted just a common dog, which definitely can’t be petted.

According to the musician the dog, identified as Sadam, likes to loiter and can’t even brought to Nairobi.

She urged any of her fans with newborn chihuahuas to share photos so that she could buy one for Rue.

“Mmmmm my daughter Rue.Baby wants A dog as a birthday gift ,and she chose SADAM 😂😂😂I told her SADAM is not a pet He is a local artist, He bites, Anavuka fence akizurura rakwaro mzima, ako na tabia za Bosco na Osama , Nairobi hawezi enda .

“So in short anyone with a new born chiwawa To post photos I want to buy for my daughter a real pet awachane na SADAM atamuuma 😂😂😂🚇 Someone tell rue baby Sadam is a no go zone,” Akothee said.

screenshort of Akothees Facebook post

Rue, whose real name is Celine Dion Okello,  celebrated her birthday in February 20. Akothee also shared a lengthy message to mark her special day.

“Happy Birthday, my dear mom As you add another beautiful year to your life’s journey, I find myself reflecting on the incredible person you are becoming. With each passing year, your spirit shines brighter, and your heart grows bigger. Today, I want to express to you the depth of my love, the power of my determination, and the importance of discipline in your life.

“First and foremost, my love for you knows no bounds. From the moment you came into this world, you brought boundless joy and endless love into my life. Watching you grow, learn, and flourish has been the greatest privilege of my life. Your laughter fills our home with warmth, and your kindness touches the hearts of everyone you meet. Know that my love for you is unwavering, unconditional, and eternal,” her message read in part.


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