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“Ntakanyagwa Na Gari Nikufe” Video Emerges Of Brian Chira Predicting How He Would Die 

Brian Chira spoke about his death in September 2023 saying he would be knocked by a vehicle and die and true to his word he was killed in a hit-and-run accident in March 2024.

The controversial TikToker was hit by a white Canter which killed him on the spot – exactly the way he had predicted he would die.

A drunk Chira was hit by a speeding lorry on Saturday night March 16, 2024, as he was crossing the road without checking to see if it was clear.

Zeleck Momanyi, who was present when the late TikToker was hit, said Chira was running away from a boda boda rider to avoid paying him.

The witness noted that a drunk Chira alighted from the motorbike that was carrying them and started running before a white Canter ran over him.

“So after tumesonga tumefika mahali alituambia, akashuka tu pikipiki and then mtu wa pikipiki kumuitisha fare akaanza tu kukimbia. Before tu asonge two steps mbele hivi ndo gari ilitokea tu ikampiga,” Momanyi said in an interview with Presenter Ali.

Chira’s death came six months after he talked about how he would be hit by a vehicle and die.

In September 2023, Chira was embroiled in a heated exchange with Nyako after she raised Ksh400,000 after he came out to lament that he was flat broke and struggling to survive.

Chira’s message to Nyako calling her out for taking credits after receiving financial help. According to him, Nyako only provided a platform that was used to facilitate the contributions that financed some of the assets in his house.

“Nyako kuja hapa…ooh I paid rent for you. You paid rent for who? How much money did you use? Pesa ni ya kuchangwa ilichangwa ndio ikanunua kila kitu kwa hii nyumba,” Chira said in a TikTok Live session before alleging that Nyako no longer cares about him and denouncing her as his mother.

Several participants in the TikTok Live session called out Chira for being ungreatful to Nyako for helping him.

However, Chira insisted that he didn’t care insisting that he could die anything, that a vehicle could hit him and die.

“Acha ujinga, ntakufa kesho. Naeza kanyagwa na gari nikufe kesho,” Brian Chira ranted.


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