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Ndo Huyu! Lovestruck Lillian Muli Suprised By Her Boyfriend’s Romantic Gesture 

“Good men still exist,” Lillian Muli giggled after her sweetheart went all out to spoil her on a weekday.

The Citizen TV anchor is dating albeit in secret.

Lillian Muli is currently hiding the mystery man who stole her heart and ran away with it.

On Monday, March 18, 2024, the mother of two took to social media to gush after her man after he surprised her.

Lillian’s boyfriend surprised her with a bouquet of flowers, something that indeed left her feeling appreciated.

The talented news anchor actually shared a video of the bouquet, and accompanied it with a caption saying:

“I hope your Monday is as beautiful as mine”.


Lillian Muli also gave netizens a glimpse of the card that the man accompanied the flowers with.

What was clear is that he had penned a heartwarming message, saying:

“Hey pretty one, may this day be a successful one for you and continue winning. I appreciate you.

“I hope that this card will be a surprise in the mail and let you know that I’m here thinking of you, remembering some of our good times, and feeling a little closer to you today because we’re in each other’s thoughts.

Take Care of Yourself and Have a Great Day!”


Lillian Muli was completely moved by her boyfriend’s romantic gesture and concluded that good men are still out there somewhere.

“🥰🥰🥰 good men still exist. Thank you,” she wrote.

The Citizen TV anchor last year confirmed she was dating again while speaking in an interview with Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray then.

“Are you dating?” Ankali Ray asked.

In her answer she confirmed that indeed she was in a relationship, but she was reluctant to reveal more details about her man or the relationship.

“Which type of question is that? I don’t like talking about my relationship status, but of course, I am a grown-up, so I am taken” Lillian Muli said.

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