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Akothee Recalls How She Was So Broke That She Had To Borrow Her Mom’s Bra

“I had to stuff newspapers inside the bra so that it could fit me,” Akothee narrated her life in poverty before wealth and fame.

Akothee opened up about her life in abject poverty in a post on social media.

The mother of five recalled that she had no money to buy a bra so she opted to borrow one from her mother as she wanted to attend a service in church.

Because she was slender, the bra couldn’t fit her thus she resorted to stuffing newspaper in it.

However, the newspaper fillings fell out when she was taking photos but she was unmoved with the embarassment.

I once greatly admired bras but couldn’t afford them. Consequently, I resorted to taking one of my mother’s bras for a special Sabbath day. Having lost weight, I had to stuff newspapers inside the bra to mimic the shape of breasts. Unfortunately, the newspapers slipped down to my waist during a photo shoot, and I was unable to adjust them in front of the camera. Despite this, I persevered and continued with the shoot.
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