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2 Nigerians Who Dismembered Rita Waeni’s Body Arrested Close To Where Her Head Was Found

The Nigerians were arrested in Ndenderu after Rita Waeni’s head was found floating on a dam.

The two foreign nationals were traced by the DCI’s Criminal Research and Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) detectives to an apartment in Ndenderu in Kiambu County where they were picked up on Sunday January 21, 2024 – the same day Rita Waeni’s head was found.

Police identified the two Nigerians as William Ovie Opia and Johnbull Asbor.

The two Nigerian are suspected to have killed and dismembered the body of 20-year-old in an apartment on TRM Drive, Kasarani before disappearing with her head.

Police said the two foreign nationals have been living in Kenya illegally as they did not have any valid documents at the time of arrest.

A hatchet, butcher’s knife, a national identity card belonging to a Kenyan (name withheld), six mobile phones, three laptops, 10 SIM cards from different telecom services providers and other items were recovered at the house where the two suspects were living.

The two Nigerians were on Monday arraigned before Makadara court.

Police requested the court for more time to detail the Nigerians as they sought to obtain call data records for all the SIM cards and mobile phone numbers recovered from them to ascertain whether they were involved in the murder.

Detectives also said they needed adequate time to escort the Nigerians to the Government Chemist for extraction of their blood samples for DNA analysis and comparison against the samples that were extracted from the scene of crime.

Police said the suspects are flight risks since they don’t have a known fixed place of residence.

Senior Principal Magistrate Agnes Mwangi of Makadara Law Courts allowed police to detain the Nigerians for eight days at the Kasarani police station.

They will be in custody until January 31.

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