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Prezzo Anataka Kua Son-In-Law? Esther Musila’s Daughter Caught In Compromising Position With Prezzo

43-year-old Prezzo might end up being the son-in-law of Guardian Angel who is only 35 years old.

Prezzo could be harvesting Esther Musila’s daughter Gilda Naibei if their romantic photo is anything to go by.

The alleged romantic relationship between Gilda and Prezzo came out as she celebrated her birthday.

Gilda, who is a media practitioner, was seen in a tight embrace with Prezzo while clad in a black top with no bra on.

Prezzo shared the photo as she wished her a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday, more life Gilda,” Prezzo shared.

Gilda reposted Prezzo’s birthday message on her Instagram Stories.

Of the many birthday messages she received, she only posted Prezzo’s message – quite telling.


Prezzo and Gilda’s thingy raised eyebrows and many people started reading between the lines.

Netizens contend that age is not a factor to limit love as Prezzo is almost twice as old as Gilda.

Or it is just karma doing its thing given that Gilda’s mother Esther Musila is also almost twice as old as her husband Guardian Angel.

Esther Musila is 53 years old while Guardian is 35.

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