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Trouble In Paradise? Zari Explains Why She Deleted Her Husband’s Photos From Her Social Media Accounts

Zari Hassan claims all is well in her marriage even as she deleted all of her husband’s photos.

The mother of five recently raised eyebrows after hawkeyed online sleuths noticed that she had deleted Shakib Cham Lutaaya’s photos from her social media accounts.

Before deleting Shakib’s photos, Zari had also stopped posting her husband for a while unlike before when she used to parade him like a new toy.

However, Zari maintains that Shakib and her are still tight even as netizens speculate that all is not well between the two judging from her action on social media.

The Ugandan socialite shed light on her decision to remove photos of her husband from her social media accounts while speaking during an interview with a local publisher.

The 43-year-old mother of five claimed that her decision to erase her Shakib from her social media accounts was part of her strategy of maintaining a clear brand identity.

“I clean my social media pages a lot. It is good practice. So, in this case, I cleaned it, unfollowed a lot of people, and people started talking. When I cleaned my husband’s pictures, I wanted a new start where it was just Zari the Boss Lady. I even stopped posting my family, not just the children, because I felt I should just leave it as Zari the brand,” Zari said.

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