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11 Common Behaviors Among Kenyan Men

As a society, there are some common behaviors, values, and believes we have that define us as one regardless of our backgrounds. And this applies to both men and women.

In that regard, there are some behaviors men are likely to have regardless of their background. Some of those behaviors can be considered funny, acceptable, or silly.

Below are some of the common behaviors Kenyan men have.

  1. They are team mafisi: They would always want to go out with any new girl they have men even if he is already in a relationship.
  2. They believe watching Soap operas is stupid: Most Kenyan men believe that men watching soap operas are weak and not manly enough.
  3. Getting back home early is not right: A Kenyan man would rather stay in the cold sitting at Tom Mboya’s monumental than get home early. Most of them believe that getting home early is a “girlish” thing to do or “kukaliwa na mwanamke”.
  4. Share intimate secrets: After spending with a lady, a Kenyan man will always find time to go share with his friends how good or bad the new lady was good in bed. Some go to an extent of explaining the noises the lady made while in bed.
  5. They will always come up with a new term between a conversation with their friends just to clock up their girlfriends out of the conversation.
  6. They think are very aggressive: They are so aggressive and mostly believe that a fight will solve a problem.
  7. They would always want to talk about politics not just with their colleagues but their girlfriends too. So annoying right?
  8. They are ever right: They might spend hours just trying to justify the wrong they did.
  9. Always want to know the other fellow’s tribal background.
  10. Once a Kenyan man knows that his fellow is from a different community, they will always try as much as possible to speak the fellow his local dialect just to please him or her.
  11. All light-skinned ladies are beautiful: Most Kenyan believe that a lady is only beautiful when she is light-skinned. This is an issue that has pushed their dark-skinned to go for bleaching products so that they appease their men.


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