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10 Years Of Childlessness! Emmy Kosgei Addresses Criticisms 

43-year-old Emmy Kosgei and her 65-year-old husband Pastor Anselm Madubuko have not been blessed with a child 10 years into their marriage.

The Nigerian preacher married his Kenyan wife at an exclusive wedding ceremony held at the Windsor Hotel and Golf Country Club in May 2023.

Since their wedding, Emmy Kosgei has been trolled multiple times for marrying a man who is 22 years older than her.

Emmy Kosgei, who was born on July 22, 1980, and Anselm Madubuko, who was born on July 25, 1958, have been victims of age shaming for over a decade.

Trolls have also been taunting the couple for not having their own biological child/children.

In an interview with Lynne Ngugi, Emmy Kosgei expressed her refusal to conform to narrow definitions of motherhood, emphasising her role in nurturing nations and communities.

The gospel singer embraced the experience of being a mother to her husband’s three children and grandchildren.

“By the time we married, my husband had three children: two daughters and a son. And grandchildren. They all call me a mother,” she revealed.

Emmy Kosgei critiqued societal stereotypes that view women solely as objects meant to bear children, highlighting the damaging effects of such narratives.

“It is subjecting women…I am not an object. Both men and women are not objects. No law says you must do this to fulfill this,” she asserted, challenging the notion that motherhood is solely defined by childbirth.

She also emphasized that motherhood encompasses a wide range of roles and responsibilities beyond physical childbirth.

“You look at people, you don’t know why they are doing something and then you start judging them. People are going through a lot. You cannot judge them. You can’t assume that motherhood is giving birth physically. Motherhood is a role, it is an office. It is a wide range of things. Some people have just limited it to one thing,” she said.

For the Kenyan gospel singer, motherhood extends beyond biological ties to include nurturing and mentorship.

She shared her involvement in mentorship programs for young women and families in her community and church, emphasizing her role as a maternal figure in guiding and supporting others.

“I am raising more kids than I can even tell. I am educating and feeding so many kids. I am mothering old and young women at our church,” she said.

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