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Carol Sonnie Unhappy About Mulamwah And Ruth Getting A Baby

“Do I look like I care?” Carol Sonnie says as fan informs her Ruth has given birth to Mulamwah’s child

Carol Sonnie made headlines after her reaction to the news of Mulamwah welcoming a baby with his partner, Ruth K. Mulamwah and Ruth K joyously announced the arrival of their son, Oyando Junior, igniting celebrations among fans. However, amidst the congratulatory messages flooding social media, a section of fans reached out to Carol Sonnie to share the news, prompting a terse response from her.

Responding to fans’ messages, Carol Sonnie bluntly expressed her indifference, saying, “Do I look like I care?”

Her ‘bitter’ reply sparked a debate among fans, with some suggesting that silence would have been a more appropriate response during a time of celebration such as the birth of a newborn.

Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie’s relationship ended shortly after the birth of their child, Keilah, with their personal drama taking a legal turn as Mulamwah served Carol Sonnie with legal letters.

Following their breakup, Mulamwah entered a relationship with Ruth K, initially introduced as his best friend, which ultimately led to the birth of their son, Oyando Junior.

Carol Sonnie’s response to the news of Mulamwah and Ruth K’s baby reveals the complexities of past relationships and the emotions they evoke, especially during significant life events.

While her reaction may seem harsh to some, it reflects the challenges of navigating personal feelings amidst public scrutiny.


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