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Edday To Spend Valentine’s Day In Church After Falling Out With Samidoh In US

“Niliambiwa am toxic,” Samidoh explained why Edday refused to spend Valentine’s Day with him.

On Friday February 9 2024, Edday Nderitu took to social media to reveal that she would be spending Valentine’s Day in church.

“Valentine is here…uko na mtu ama tunaenda Ash Wednesday,Happy weekend ahead!
#nothingbutprayers #powerofprayers #answeredprayers,” Edday wrote.


Edday’s announcement raised eyebrows considering the fact that her husband Samidoh is still in Boston, USA with her.

Netizens couldn’t help but wonder why Edday would spend Valentine’s Day in church while her husband is still around.

However, Samidoh on Sunday February 11, 2024, gave a hint why Edday and him would not spend Valentine’s Day together.

Samidoh suggested that he had fallen out with his wife after an argument.

Without giving the details, Samidoh said Edday told him that he is a toxic and very insecure husband.

“Guys! ‘Strict boyfriend’is for rich Niggaz mimi niliambiwa am toxic and insecure🙆‍♂️😂😂
Aki Kanairo wewe!!” Samidoh wrote.

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Apparently Samidoh suspects Edday was chewed by someone in US while he was in Kenya as they only got back together after eight months apart.

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