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Nyako Takes On Emmy Kosgei As She Replies To Critics Accusing Her Of Excessive Begging On TikTok

“From Akothee and now Emmy Kosgei, what is wrong with this woman?” Netizens ask after Nyako makes fun of the Gospel singer.

Popular TikToker Nyako has found herself under the scrutiny of social media critics who accuse her of excessive begging on the platform. The controversy escalated when Nyako, based in Germany, took to TikTok to poke fun at gospel singer and preacher Emmy Kosgei, alleging that Emmy frequently goes live to ask fans for offerings.

Nyako defended her actions by saying that people should not single her out for criticism, pointing out that even pastors engage in fundraising activities.

She argues, “I have never seen a pastor who prays without asking for money. Even Emmy Kosgei is always asking for sadaka (offering) here on TikTok. Who am I not to? Ni pastor na anaomba sadaka (she is a preacher and begs for offering).”

The TikTok star’s response was bold and unapologetic. Nyako appears to dismiss the accusations by drawing a parallel between her actions and the practices of religious leaders, emphasizing that soliciting financial support is not exclusive to her.

The controversy surrounding Nyako’s comments gained traction as social media users weighed in on the debate. Some supported her candid approach, defending the right to express opinions on public figures, while others criticized her for making light of religious practices and attacking fellow women for clout and views.

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