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Zuchu Banned For 6 Months Over Ratchet Behavior

Zuchu will not get airplay for six months, even as fans claim her music is not as degenerate compared to what the likes of Embarambamba and Getumbe sing.

The Zanzibar Arts, Census, Film, and Culture Council has banned Zuhura Othman Masoud, commonly known as Zuchu, from conducting any artistic activities in Zanzibar. Alongside this ban, Zuchu’s songs are prohibited from being played on Zanzibar radio and television stations for a period of six months.

This decision came after an incident on February 24 this year when Zuchu was performing at the Fullmoon Kendwa Night in the North Unguja region.

It was alleged that she sang songs, made remarks, and displayed gestures that were contrary to the morals of Zanzibar. The Secretary Omar Abdalla Adam announced that Zuchu has been banned for a period of six months starting immediately.

“The council is responsible for upholding the customs, traditions, and culture of Zanzibar, and therefore officially announces the suspension of artist Zuhura Othman Soud (Zuchu) from engaging in any artistic activities in Zanzibar for a period of six months starting today, March 5, 2024,” he said.

He stated that they took this action due to her habit of singing songs that lack morals, do not follow principles, and are not beneficial to the people of Zanzibar.

Furthermore, despite the artist not being registered in Zanzibar, she has been conducting her artistic activities without permission.

In addition to the suspension, Zuchu has been fined one million Tanzanian Shillings by the Arts Council and required to write an apology letter confirming that she will not repeat the offense during the suspension period.


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