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Shock As Nyako Tells Her Son That She Loves A Big Mjulus

“Nimeambia my son, Big Daddy hujuiita hivyo sababu ako na mjulus kubwa and I love mjulus!” Nyako says.

Nyako shared a video with her son Robin where she expressed affection for her boyfriend, known as Big Daddy.

In the video, Robin asks why someone would call himself Big Daddy, to which Nyako responds that he goes by that name because he has a large private part, “mjulus.” She even mentions buying him white towels for cleaning the mess when they are together.

Nyako and Big Daddy have been seen together in live chats on TikTok for some time, indicating that they are in a relationship. However, after the video went viral, some internet users expressed concern for Robin, suggesting that he might be experiencing emotional distress or trauma from his mother’s remarks.

Nyako herself worries that the attention garnered by her private video could negatively impact her son.

The viral nature of the video has led to widespread discussion and criticism online, with many questioning the appropriateness of Nyako’s comments and their potential effects on her son’s well-being.

Netizens are now asking Nyako to watch how she speaks as their is a huge potential impact of words and actions, especially when they involve children.

While humor and all are often part of online content, it’s crucial to prioritize the emotional well-being of children and ensure that they are not subjected to inappropriate or potentially harmful content.

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