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Pritty Vishy Kicks Her Baby Sister Out After She Soiled Her House

Pritty Vishy got angry at her baby sister who is living with autism that she took her back to Kibera.

The content creator arrived at the decision after the minor soiled her house as well as all her clothes, including the ones that she had just washed on the fateful day.

Taking to YouTube, Pritty shared a video of the mess that her sister caused in the middle of the night. She added that she had to call her mother to help her clean the mess.

“My baby sister made me chase her away,” she captioned the video.

In the Video, she admitted that living with an autistic person was so traumatising.

“That is what my sister did to me na nilimchukua nikampeleka Kibera because sometimes it is just traumatizing. Sometimes you just need your time. I know I did a video(prank) with my mum saying that I can’t live with her saying that when she goes to Saudi she should take my sister with her. It was only a video but then again…If you have an autistic child or sibling you know how they can traumatize you,” she said.

Pritty however hailed her sister as a nice person.

“My sister is so good very cute by the way and so loving,” she said.

A few days ago, on TikTok, she shared a video crying about the mess that her baby sister made but deactivated the comments section.

“My sister just decided to hurt me more today. Autistic kids can make you go cray cray. I feel so bad,” she said.

@prittyvishy My sister just decided to hurt me more today🥹💔Autistic kids can make you go cray cray🥹i feel soooo baaaad fr… NOTE:mummy decided to come and help me out with laundry 🥺❤️ Follow my big sis @Kimberly ❤️#prittyvishy ♬ original sound – pritty vishy


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