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Just Call Me ‘Baby Girl’ Kinuthia Tells Kenyans To Stop Calling Her ‘Bro’

Cross dressing content creator Kelvin Kinuthia, has opened up about how he wants to be recognized.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, the 23-year-old entertainer emphasized that he dislikes being called ‘bro’, a common term Kenyans use for their male friends.

The content producer said it feels uncomfortable when people call him ‘bro’ and prefers to be addressed as ‘Kinuthia’ or ‘baby girl’.

“I can’t say it makes me angry, but it feels wrong. Imagine you’re shining in the middle of the mall and someone shouts ‘hey bro’, it feels inappropriate. Even people might stare wondering who is being called bro. People look for him and miss him,” Kinuthia said.

He added, “I always say, I think it’s wrong, I feel it’s inappropriate. Just call me Kinuthia, if you see ‘baby girl’ it’s wrong, call me ‘Kinuthia now’.”

Kinuthia noted that people have already started embracing calling him ‘baby girl’ since he first complained about being called ‘bro’.

“I think it has decreased because nowadays I meet people who call me baby girl, I saw one message was received well,” he said.

He also mentioned that he doesn’t mind being referred to by male or female pronouns, stating that none of them can offend him.

“I have no problem being identified by using any pronoun. People fail to decide what to call me. Or after calling me ‘bro’, just call me ‘you’,” he said.

“Every pronoun is fine, if you want to use ‘he’ go ahead, if you want to use ‘she’ it’s okay, I’m not bothered by that,” he added.

In the past, the TikTok and YouTube content creator has openly stated that he is a man.

During the interview, Kinuthia said that playing the role of a woman in his videos is solely for entertainment and work purposes.

Kinuthia emphasized that he has never denied his male gender. However, he made it clear that he is not willing to stop acting as a woman as it is his livelihood.

“I am a man. But I said I can’t stop doing things I do because people interfere and say I do that and I’m a man. That’s what brought me to where I am,” Kinuthia said in an interview with Eve Mungai.

The TikTok star said he has been heavily mocked online for acting as a woman even though he is a man.

However, he claimed that the female role he plays has led him to get jobs to advertise women’s clothing and accessories.

“I won’t start changing the character. Even people will get bored. Some people are already used to how Kinuthia is. There’s nowhere I’ve ever said I’m not a man. It’s work and that’s what brought me to where I am,” he said.


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