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Witchcraft Made Bongo Singer Jay Melody Quit Music

Jay Melody confessed that he used witchcraft to have a breakthrough in music.

Days ago, Jay Melody announced that he had quit music. The real reason for his decision has now been explained.

Jay Melody took to social media to make the announcement without giving any explanations for his decision to quit music when his career is on an upward trajectory.

‚ÄúI quit music,‚ÄĚ Jay Melody wrote on InstaStories.

This isn’t the first time Jay Melody, whose real name is Sharif Said Juma, has taken such a drastic step to quit music.

The Bongo singer previously in 2019 took a break from music for over a year.

During that that, Jay Melody worked in construction (mjengo) due to financial constraints following the death of his mentor, the late Ruge Mutahaba.

Jay Melody’s journey into the music industry faced initial hurdles when he was rejected thrice by the Tanzania House of Talent.

He eventually found his breakthrough after randomly signing up for an audition.

In 2021, Jay Melody confessed that he used witchcraft to have a breakthrough in music.

The Bongo singer made headlines when he revealed that he had been visiting a witch doctor to seek ways of boosting his audience and gaining prominence in the entertainment scene.

“Nishaifikiria na of course nimewahi kuenda, Si uwongo. Niliambiwa kuna kitu hakiko sawa. Nyota zako zinachezewa.

(I thought about it and of course, I‚Äôve been there [to a witch doctor‚Äôs den], It‚Äôs not a lie. I was told something was wrong with my star [fortune and success]),‚ÄĚ Jay Melody said.

Jay Melody said he stayed at the witchdoctor’s den for nearly a month and was taken through devilish practices to aid his success in music.

“Mambo ni mengi pale. Nilikaa kama mwezi. Ilikua ni vitu vingi. Ilikua ni kama program, dawa. kuoga, nenda huku nenda huko

(There were a lot of things and activities I did there. I stayed for like a month. It was like a program, medicine, bathing, going here and there‚Ķ),‚ÄĚ he said.

Following his decision to abruptly announce that he had quit music, blogs in Tanzania contended that he had gone back to the witchdoctor to add more ‘power’ to the spell that made him popular.

Tanzanian musicians often use withcraft to gain fame. Recently, Lulu Diva, who once dated Kenyan musician-turned-politician Jaguar, was exposed for using withcraft.

On December 6, 2023, social networks in Tanzania lit up after an audio leaked of Lulu Diva talking to witchdoctor about her musical success.

Lulu Diva was heard telling the witchdoctor to make her become the only female artiste in Tanzania who is loved by fans, insisting that she wanted her star to shine more than Nandy’s.

Lulu Diva also thanked the healer for what she said he did a serious thing that made her ‚ÄėAndazi‚Äô dance do well and was received well in the villages, so she asked him to make her famous and get more gigs¬†like Nandy is getting.

‚ÄúKwenye ‚ÄėAndazi‚Äô tumekwisha, yaani kama ni ile kafara tumefanya basi tumetisha na tumeua kwa sababu ile ‚ÄėAndazi‚Äô imeenda vizuri yaani mpaka kule vijijini nikienda ninaisikia, watu wanaitika. Lakini sasa mtaalamu nashangaa mbona shoo sipati, huu mwisho wa mwaka mbona simu haziiti? Naishia tu kuona wasichana wengine wakifanya shoo, mbona sipati hizo shoo mimi? Mimi ninachotaka nipate hizo shoo hivyo,‚ÄĚ Lulu Diva said.

In the leaked audio, Lulu Diva also thanked the witchdoctor for helping her tie down her man with magical spell, saying that he was giving her money whenever she asks him.




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