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Pritty Vishy Tells Nyako To Respect Her Age After She Attacked 23-Year-Old Azziad

“A woman who is over 40 is jealous of a 23-year-old? Kweli uzee ni mbaya,” Pritty Vishy told Nyako.

Nyako expressed her jealousy for Azziad Nasenya during a TikTok live session.

The controversial Germany-based TikTok claimed that Azziad had not made it in life in as far as success is concerned.

Nyako trashed Azziad in a typical jealousy-styled rant, even admitting that she often stalks the 23-year-old on social media.

“Azziad is a young lady who thinks that she has made it and according to me she is not yet there. Na ako na kiburi mingi sana, mi huenda live yake chini ya maji. She thinks that she has made it she is not yet there, she is nowhere near making it, that is my opinion,” Nyako said.

Reacting to Nyako’s attack on Azziad, Pritty Vishy slammed the Germany-based TikTok reminding her to respect her age.

Vishy wondered out loud how Nyako who is in her 40s could be jealous of Azziad who is young enough to be her daughter.

She further slammed Nyako for asking people for money online.

“Says a woman who stays live 24 hours to borrow people money. Says a 40+ old woman enyewe uzee ni mbaya,” Pritty Vishy wrote.

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