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“Hapan Tambua!” Samidoh Replies To Netizens Saying Karen Nyamu Helped Him Get The HSC Award

“Hiyo sio effort yako! It’s through Karen Nyamu intervention umetokea kwa list!” Netizens tell Samidoh to thank his baby mama.

In a notable recognition of his outstanding contributions to society development, Samidoh Muchoki was recently honored with the Head of State Commendation by President William Ruto. The celebrated musician expressed his gratitude on his Facebook page, extending heartfelt thanks to everyone who believed in and supported him throughout his journey.

Acknowledging the president’s recommendation, Samidoh deemed the commendation a significant achievement in his career. However, controversy arose when some suggested that Senator Karen Nyamu, his second wife, played a pivotal role in securing the prestigious title for him.

Responding to these claims, Samidoh dismissed the notion that Karen Nyamu orchestrated his success.

One follower suggested that he should thank Karen for showing him the way forward, to which Samidoh responded with a lighthearted acknowledgment, stating that people often bring him joy. He humorously added that if Karen had indeed assisted him, she should have secured such an honor for herself first.

Another commentator went further, asserting that Samidoh’s recognition wasn’t solely a result of his efforts but rather due to Karen Nyamu’s intervention.

This individual contended that Samidoh’s involvement in the Azimio la Umoja coalition was evidence of Karen’s influence.

Samidoh maintained that if Karen did play a role, she should focus on securing her own commendation first and advised against harboring negative thoughts about his achievements.

Despite the speculations surrounding the circumstances of his commendation, Samidoh Muchoki remains appreciative of the honor bestowed upon him, emphasizing the importance of positive recognition and support within the community.


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