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Willy Paul To Be Arraigned In Court As Diana Marua Pushes For Her Prosecution 

Diana Marua sued Willy Paul because of their past romantic affair with Bahati’s wife claiming that Pozee raped her.

On Monday, March 4, 2024, Willy Paul was arrested at his Syokimau home and Diana Marua’s lawyer Karen Njiseve said his apprehension was in connection to 2021 cyber bullying allegations Bahati’s wife made against Pozee.

“Investigations ilimalizika office of the ODPP ikapeana ruhusa Willy Paul akue arrested. Willy Paul amekua akiwa summoned but hajakua akitokea ndo maana leo asubuhi polisi walichukua hatua ya kuende kumshika,” Diana Marua’s lawyer said.

She added that Willy Paul would be arraigned in court today to answer to charges of cyber bullying.

“Kesi ya cyber bullying ilikua ile ya 2021 ambayo ili affect Diana na watoto ambayo ili trend sana. Mambo ingine itajulikana akipelekwa court kesho asubuhi,” she said.

Willy Paul was released from Karuri Police Station at night following his arrest during the day.

So what happened in 2021 that made Willy Paul get arrested in March 2023?

The whole drama happened in December 2021 when Diana came out to claim that she had been sexually abused by Willy Paul.

Diana claimed that Willy Paul lured her into his car and drove off to his place and upon reaching their destination, she developed cold feet and refused to alight from the car, demanding to be returned home.

Feeling frustrated, Diana alleged that Willy went ahead to force himself on her with her screams and physical fights bearing zero fruits.

“This boy Willy Paul has been pursuing me for a while. I remember I used to stay in Syokimau, I was at a movie shop when this boy Willy Paul came along and he was very touchy. He told me ati twende kwangu tuongee. I told him siwezi kupeleka kwangu juu sikujui. Then he told me ama tuingie kwa gari tuongee, so I got in the car ndio tumalize hiyo maneno because he was causing a commotion,” Diana said.

However, Willy Paul vehemently denied the allegations by Diana Marua, adding that she should be brave enough and tell her hubby Bahati what really transpired that night.

“I know people will not believe me, but whatever you (Diana) said about rape is a big lie. That’s a big lie. I have never raped anyone. Tell your husband the truth. Tell him you slept at my place on your own volition and whatever happened thereafter was with your consent. Whatever allegations you’ve levelled against me are falsified and you know it,” he said.

Diana later accused Willy Paul of cyber bullying her.

The case of the alleged rape happened at Great Wall Estate in Athi River.

Nicah the Queen, who witnessed Willy Paul drive Diana Marua on the said date of the rape incident, gave her version of the story.

According to her, on the fateful day, she was having a stroll with her then husband Dr. Ofweneke when Willy Paul stopped his car for a while and together they listened to his music.

Willy Paul came out of the car and was in company of Diana Marua, but at that time, Nicah did not know who Diana was because she was not famous.

“Willy Paul was driving a white Mark X. It was at night. Willy Paul came out and he made us listen to his you better take it slow song,” Nicah said.

Diana could also be seen jamming to the songs as they played.

“The lady was in white, she was seated at the co-drivers seat. If she says that she was being harassed she could have used the opportunity to get out of the car,” Nicah further said.

Nicah however said that she does not know what transpired after Diana and Willy Paul proceeded with their journey to Willy Paul’s apartment.

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