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Nicah The Queen Shares Her Version Of Story On The Day Willy Paul Allegedly Attempted To Rape Diana Marua

Diana Marua’s move to join the music industry has come with its fair share of scandals and criticisms.

Willy Paul claimed that he slept with Diana in the past but Diana came out accusing Willy Paul of attempting to rape her.

In an emotional YouTube video, Diana said that Willy Paul had pursued her for quite sometime and one day he attempted to have her against her will.

“He came on top of me and started pulling my skirt up and tearing my top…I’m trying to scream for him to get off me. As I was screaming this guy was choking me… so eventually akaniondokea and that’s when I got the chance to open the door and run away,” Diana narrated.

Apparently Diana and Willy Paul had met in a movie shop before the incident which took place at Willy Paul’s house.

Dr. Ofweneke’s ex-wife Niccah the queen has however come out to tell her version of the story on the events that took place, before Diana and Willy Paul went into the house.

Nicah has disagreed with Diana’s version of the story and said that she had the chance to leave if Willy Paul was making improper gestures at her.

According to her, on the fateful day, she was having a stroll with her then husband Dr. Ofweneke when Willy Paul pulled his car and together they listened to his music.

Willy Paul came out of the car and was in company of Diana, but at that time, Niccah did not know she was the one because she was not famous.

“Willy Paul was driving a white Mark X. It was at night. Willy Paul came out and he made us listen to his you better take it slow song,” Niccah said.

Diana could also be seen jamming to the songs as they played.

“The lady was in white, she was seated at the co-drivers seat. If she says that she was being harrassed she could have used the opportunity to get out of the car,” Nicah further said.

Nicah however said that she does not know what transpired after Diana and Willy Paul proceeded with their journey to Willy Paul’s apartment.

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